Just a short drive from Cape Town you will find a unique area, filled with exceptional character and breathtaking natural beauty. For a day, a weekend or a week; you'll love it!

The west coast biosphere was proclaimed by UNESCO in 2000 to acclaim not only the inherent quality of the West coast's beauty, but also the local community's approach to life and living. A world where man and nature live in harmony to survive. Many interesting places are scattered throughout the area, both in and outside the villages, which lie mainly in rural environments.

NAMAQUALAND SPRING FLOWERS - The spring wild flowers are a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze and delight, even for those who live in what is considered South Africa's "outback" – Namaqualand. What at first glance appears to be a wilderness of semi-desert - arid, dusty plains that stretch before one, dramatic mountains in the background, with little by way of colour or animation - is suddenly transformed, as if by a painter with a manic palette, into a pageant of flowers. (August and September)