Tropical islands in East Africa such as Zanzibar and Pemba Island belonging to Tanzania and the Island of Lamu off the coast of Kenya are well known. Meanwhile the islands in the archipelagos of Mozambique and many other small islands yet to be "discovered" by tourism wait to share their secrets with you... The Bazaruto Archipelago was the chosen destination for Prince Harry in December 2004 bringing Mozambique and its islands to the attention of many. Situated on the fringe of the tropics just south of the Tropic of Capricorn so is not officially a "tropical island" but you would never believe this from the coconut palms and exotic gardens which litter the islands. Inhaca was chosen as a research station due to its sheltered tropical location home to a diverse range of animal and sea life, both in the ocean and on land. If you want to get out and see for yourself day trips to the biological research centre, ocean, snorkelling and diving trips can be arranged. Nearby Portuguese Island is part of a marine reserve.