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As a "travel junkie" with a passion for Africa, tourism is an obvious final step after a teaching, sales and marketing background. I have travelled extensively in Africa, Western, Eastern & Central Europe, Scandinavia, South America, Asia, India, China, Australia, and New Zealand & French Polynesia. Tourist guiding gives me the opportunity of sharing the cultural diversity, history and natural beauty of our exciting country & rainbow nation with you. I am willing to accommodate any reasonable requests to ensure that your holiday to our country is an experience of your lifetime. I am a registered South African Tourism guide with 10 years experience running my own business. Vehicles are tourism and transportation registered and they comply with all necessary insurance requirements.


Loved the pictures of your kids in the Langa project! We had a wonderful time, friends will tell us that we had a trip of a 'life-time" but I'm thinking that this is just the beginning! It was wonderful, thank you for all the special attention that you gave us. And you gave us a love for South Africa, we will always wish we had had more time.
Paula & Tom USA

We really enjoyed our visit in beautiful South Africa. Your support has been very important especially because this was our first trip with our son. All accommodations have been very nice and we met very helpful persons every day. I have also to add that we had very good food and this is a great feedback because it's coming from an Italian family. Many thanks again from all my family!
Fabrizio Piccinini

I enjoyed every minute of my recent trip to Cape Town, Namaqualand and Pretoria. The 3-day visit to Namaqualand covered with so many different wild flowers of all colours and shapes was absolutely magnificent that I know the trip will be one of the most unforgettable ones in my life. In addition to wild flowers, I thoroughly enjoyed the landscape there, too. I am really glad that I went ahead with my plan to visit South Africa despite the fact that you kindly offered to reimburse the fees if I wanted to cancel the trip at the late stage due to uncertain weather in W. Cape. You are really a conscientious tour operator/guide and a real professional in the sense that you would do everything possible to ensure that the traveller would get the maximum value out of the trip. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone considering a trip to the Cape Town and Namaqualand areas. So I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for everything you have done to make my visit there truly wonderful
Shizue Tomoda Japan

My mom and sister came back totally amazed... Gal claiming that Cape Town is the most beautiful place she visited and she’s been everywhere and my Mom incredibly thankful to have found you as a guide. Thank you very much for the warm and pleasant guidance. Also, the brilliant communication by email. It is rare than one finds such an exceptional guide on the other side of the world and we are lucky to have met you.
Tal Mor Israel

My wife and I had an EXCELLENT private tour. My wife has a bad back, and I was concerned about buses and vans for her comfort. Being driven in a luxury auto for 4 days was just the GREATEST experience. Extremely knowledgeable, Delvin loves her country and taught and showed us so much. Because it was private, we had the utmost flexibility to do what interested us, stop and shop, or just get out and walk. When we finished the tour, we felt like we were leaving a friend. The Garden Route was a highlight of our trip to South Africa. I highly recommend you contact.
Bob Chicago USA

We are so happy that a friend of a friend had suggested Delvin to us. There was no way we would have been able to see as much of Cape Town as we did without her. She loves her city and her country and it really shows. She taught us so much which also gave us a great appreciation of the city. She is also very friendly and answered all of our numerous questions. Not only was she a great tour guide but she also became a friend to us in the 2 days we spent with her. We would definitely recommend her to any friends and family visiting Cape Town.
Lisa & John USA

My guests spoke really highly of you and were sorry they hadn’t got to do a couple of other tours with you but they just didn’t have enough time. They were very grateful that you rang them to advice of the road closure. Thank you for making their day out with you such a pleasure.

We want to thank you very much for the interesting tour you organized for us .We appreciated and enjoyed every single minute of our stay, your kindness and professionalism made really the difference; you have not only been a fantastic guide but a perfect host who allowed us to know much more about you fantastic country .Once again thanks a million.
Ivano & Tiziana Italy

Dear Delvin, I just finalised gathering feedbacks from participants attending our 2010 edition of African Five event. Another great success, highly appreciated by our customers and even by our (demanding) colleagues. I have to say that one of the highlight of the entire programme is YOU, dedicated and caring about people, easily finding alternative solutions to the agreed plan, smiling and accommodating. I don't have enough words to thanks you as perfect partner, making my life easier but even more important, making our customers smiling and enjoying their time out of the office environment. Five out of five it to me the best reward and for you the certainty that in years to come you'll be our preferred supplier in South Africa. Again thanks for your professional and impeccable support.
Sandro Manager, Customer Events Well said and fully endorsed by me - Paul Warton – Global director customer relations

Dear Delvin We acknowledge receipt of your photos to Mr Mandela. We appreciate your gratitude. We hope you will call again bringing more friends to Soweto. Please accept however, Mr Mandela’s best wishes.
Sincerely MS THOKO MAVUSO Nelson Mandela Foundation

All was more than perfect. Don't know how you managed that but everything was exactly right for my taste, timing and expectations. Also I was lucky enough to see a lot of animals as lodges were excellent. Thanks a million again four your help.
Simone Pisane Italy

We are extremely happy with the level of service we have been offered through this tour and this makes us want to come back for more. For sure, we will contact you for any future trip to the region and will not forget to mention your name when some of our friends intend to travel to South Africa or in the vicinity.
Jeremie, Lia & Anthony UAE ex France and Indonesia

Value for money..YES! .Delvin was a delight & so knowledgeable…made the trip for us On our world cruise South Africa was our favourite country.
Gayle & Faye (Canada)

Just wanted to thank you for looking after my client, Dan Veitkus on his upcoming South Africa trip. I saw him yesterday and he was saying what an amazing job you were doing to sort him and his family out for their trip. So thank you!
Helen Ellis Event IT UK

A privilege it is, indeed, to work with too! I really think the world of you. You have impressed me with your professionalism, your thoroughness, warmth, friendliness and charm. Thank you so much for everything!
Fondest regards, Katinka's Food & Wine Consultancy

A personalized tour might seem a bit more expensive than the multi-person mini-van variety, but the value to us was so much greater. Delvin has great knowledge of her country and told us so many interesting things about it. Plus because we could pick which attractions to visit, many of which did not involve admission fees, and where to have our meals, we may possibly have spent less. We felt very safe everywhere we went, because Delvin knows her country so well. She is very personable, easy to talk with, knowledgeable and was able to answer almost every question we asked (which was often). After the first day together, we felt like we were visiting a friend, and we were sad to have to say good by at the end. We would recommend Delvin’s tours to anyone who really wants to see and learn what Cape Town and its people are all about.
Bob and Nita USA

We all enjoyed our trip with you very much and none of us could have wished a better tour guide than you :o) You are really a dedicated and friendly person with a lot of knowledge and a good feeling of what types of people you are surrounded by. I especially enjoyed our lunch in the winelands which was so peaceful and the nature so beautiful – this is not last time I have been there :o) I will with no doubt recommend you to anyone I hear of will be going to Cape Town/South Africa in the future.
Drylund family Denmark

One of the best vacations we have had so far and we learnt a lot about Cape Town and South Africa We chose you for the willingness to customize the tours based on our needs and the tours were perfect, we were able to spend just the amount of time we wanted to at all places ….value for money? Absolutely!
Preethi & Anup USA

Please forgive the tardiness of this response. Time has just flown since our return. We certainly want to thank you again for an experience we have referenced repeatedly We enjoyed the tour very much. We were delighted that you were our guide and treasure all that we learned about South Africa. Please keep in touch and contact us should you ever find yourself in our neighbourhood.
Ralph and Sally (Arizona)

Our day with Delvin was everything we wanted and more. She is an excellent representative of South Africa and a guide, superior!!!!! Thank you for suggesting her. It was a perfect experience.
Alexia family USA

Thanks for giving us such a wonderful day on Friday. We enjoyed every minute of it and it gave us exactly the overview we needed, and much more. Highlights as I mentioned for me were those wonderful historical monuments which I really want to revisit and those gorgeous little faces gazing up at us at the school.
Robert and Suzan (Canada)

I really enjoyed South Africa, thought it was a beautiful country with very kind and friendly people wherever we went. All of our stops went very well and we really enjoyed our B&B`s. I want to come back and hope that Tony will be with me next time. I thought you were and excellent guide and great person to be with so thank you once again. Have a wonderful 2008 and please keep in touch and if you are ever in Florida do let me know.
Best wishes Anne (USA)

I was impressed by the prompt responses to my email questions and the willingness to be flexible about the interests of my group e.g. slavery, apartheid. Excellent value for money. I appreciated the extra touches such as, books, water, wine at sunset, fruit etc. Thanks for accommodating our special needs such as late airport departure and finding a hostel for the guest who was staying on. I am thrilled with our trip to Cape Town. The most wonderful thing about the trip was our guide Delvin and our driver Keith. They were exceptional and went above and beyond. The whole group was completely satisfied beyond expectations. Not an easy task with this particular group). I have lots of ideas to offer a study tour with a focus on Cape Town rather than as an add-on. I hope we can work together again in the future.
Patricia O’Reilly – Canadian university study group

Thanks a ton for being a great guide on the 7th of Sept. We can’t thank you enough for a wonderful day. You were informative, jovial, and full of things to entertain us with. I just wanted to thank you for a great day Vishal and Vaishali couldn’t stop talking about you. Your tips helped us drive around and we managed to cover so much on our tour. Thanks again for the hospitality. We couldn’t have done so much without you and your tips.
Vineet (UAE)

Thank you so much for a superb day's guiding - we've learned an enormous amount and it has made our stay here very special (that and the rose petals of course!!!!!). Many thanks and we will certainly recommend your services to others - and be in touch if we're lucky enough to come here again!!
Kind regards, Nickie and Caroline (UK)